Quality Policy

The same today as it will be tomorrow, we are aiming to continuously improve on the expectations of our national and international customers together with their trust and support on us.

We are aware of the fact that all sorts of inferiority cost are waste. Honesty, assiduousness and respect for the time are our irrevocable principles.

We believe that we will be able to ensure our progress in the direction of realizing our goals and principles with the active contribution of the employees in a continuous development environment.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

By acting with the principle of “the best way to do a job is the safest way”, our main targets for preventing employment-industrial accidents and protecting the health of our employees are as follows;

– Related with the issues of occupational health and safety, complying with all local and national laws, regulations and standards, and acting in that way,

– Evaluating all of the risks associated with the occupational illnesses and issues of occupational health and safety and taking protective measures,

– With the participation of all of our employees, eliminating the threats at their sources and adopting the principle of zero employment-industrial accident, and

– In order to achieve success and for continuous development, ensuring that our employees receive all sorts of trainings on the subject of occupational health and safety and developing them continuously.

A successful implementation of occupational health and safety is possible only with the collaborative work and support of the employees of the corporation.

For this reason, occupational health and safety practices are the responsibility of all employees and are among the irreplaceable constituents of the corporate culture.

Environmental Policy

Respect for the environment is ones self-esteem. With this conscience, for a green world, clean and healthy environment, which is our common future, our basic goals are as follows;

– Use of raw materials and energy resources economically,

– Lowering and eliminating the pollution at its source by reducing our wastes to a minimum level,

– In order to prevent our products becoming unusable waste, designing and manufacturing them in a manner that is easy to assemble and separate, and

– Bu using recyclable materials, obtaining useful waste and recover it.

In order to realize these, we are aiming to ensure that, in a continuous development environment, all of our employees establish an environmental consciousness and conduct effective implementations.