About Us

Since 2013, LOCA Albania presents its innovative products combined with high quality and competitive prices, to customers throughout Albania and the Balkans.

Today, inside and outside the country, the company LOCA Albania is in the position as the only company that is able to offer the fastest, most economical, safest and fastest sales and technical maintenance service through its points and staff qualified.

LOCA Albania offers services such as design, planning, selection of suitable and affordable materials, solving technical details and carrying out production with the architect, engineer, and other certified and specialized specialists all in their respective fields.

LOCA Albania has studied the market and realized that success comes from satisfied customers. We want to see our customers happy with their selection of LOCA products and see them in our portfolio with others.

Trust in our experience!


As today and in the future, we aim to continuously exceed and improve the expectations of our national and international customers. Honesty, commitment and respect for your time are our irrevocable principles.


The mission of our company is to become a global leader in its sector, which offers customers fast, affordable and high-quality solutions with the strong technical capacity it possesses and investing in knowledge but at the same time , without sacrificing health, safety and environmental factors.

Company Policies

The same as today, as in the future, we aim to continuously improve the expectations of our national and international customers along with their trust and support.

We are aware of the role of quality in our products and we do not make any compromises. Honesty, dedication and respect for the customer are our irrevocable principles.

We are aware of the role of quality in our products and we will not make any compromises. Honesty, dedication and respect for the customer are our irrevocable principles.

Acting on the principle of "the best way to do a job is the safest way", our main objectives for preventing accidents at work and protecting the health of our employees are as follows;

– Regarding matters of health and safety at work, in compliance with all local and national laws, regulations and standards, and acting accordingly,

– Assessing all risks related to occupational diseases and occupational health and safety issues and taking protective measures,

– With the participation of all our employees, the elimination of threats to their resources and the adoption of the principle of zero employment-industrial accident and

– To achieve success and for continuous development, ensuring that our employees receive all types of training related to health and safety at work and their continuous development.

A successful implementation of health and safety at work is possible only with the cooperative work and support of the employees of the corporation.

For this reason, occupational health and safety practices are the responsibility of all employees and are among the irreplaceable components of corporate culture.

Respect for the environment is a self-esteem. With this awareness, for a green world, clean and healthy environment, which is our common future, our basic objectives are as follows;

- Use of raw materials and energy sources economically,

– Reducing and eliminating pollution at its source by reducing our waste to a minimum level,

– To prevent our products from becoming unusable waste, designing and manufacturing them in a way that is easy to collect and separate, and also using recyclable materials, taking useful waste and recovering it.


To achieve these, we aim to ensure that, in an environment of continuous development, all our employees create an environmental awareness and carry out effective implementations.


CE Marking

CE Marking

With the "CE DECLARATION OF CONFORMITY", LOCA Albania guarantees that it meets the highest quality and safety requirements of local and international customers.

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 9001:2008

LOCA Albania guarantees that it will offer its customers products of world standards that meet the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization ISO 9001: 2008.

IFT Rosenheim

IFT Rosenheim

Our VERLASS guillotine glass system successfully passed IFT rosenheim, air permeability, wind load impermeability resistance, impact resistance tests.



For all products, LOCA Albania offers "3 years" warranty.

Attestation of Compliance


Loca Pergola has been approved to comply with global market standards based on product design and quality with reference numbers "CE ATTESTATION OF COMPLIANCE" - TRC-20-1311 / 02 and TRC-20-1311 / 03.

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