Oxia Serie

Oxia is essentially a "two-sided" product that supported by a steel pole and used to cover large areas.

Beam-shaped structured rails add visual appeal and thanks to the additional volume created, the perception of depth in your area will shine.

In terms of Middle Backbone product dimensions, it consists of vertical and horizontal bearings of dimensions 100x100x3mm, 100x150x4mm and 200x200x5mm.

This pillar is firmly fixed to the floor through the plates strength and concrete anchors.

Rails that are mounted on The main construction of Oxia steel are inclined forward with an angle of set and fixing on the support poles made of aluminum completes the structure.

Thanks to its special and robust design, Oxia is made for it meet your "high-end" requirements such as salons weddings, restaurants, cafes and the like.

The structure of the beamed ceiling contribution to the sense of depth will to give you an incomparable joy. When you combine the places you will create with Oxia with guillotine windows, folding glass and sliding glass systems, do to have a unique place, which you can use both during the winter and in summer.

In Basically, automatic motorized awnings can be produced using the series of "GOLD" and "DIAMOND" profiles.

Diamond Profiles
The DIAMOND series profiles have a design capacity reaching up to 12 meters in length, so you can find a perfect solution for your biggest requirements for closing the exterior of your business or home.
Gold Profiles
The GOLD Series meets design measurement requirements for coverage areas up to 8 meters (or less) affordably but without sacrificing quality.

Details of tents

Considering that lighting adds value to the visuality of motorized automatic awnings, LOCA Albania.