Pier Sliding Glass Systems

Pier Glass Systems is a manually controlled glass system with horizontal axis.
Our sliding Pier systems are complementary in terms of both in design and functionality, designed specifically for use in our pergola products

However, with a flexible construction structure and adaptable, you can safely apply any area you need.

The system is installed on the rails profiles located in the top and bottom of the glass produced as a minimum of 3, a maximum of 4 arms for single lateral movement. Minimal designed locking system in the first and last wings gives you maximum security for your system.

The PIER sliding system is a frameless glass system, it offers a more open view.

It is a high quality and budget friendly economy system.

With the addition of corks plastic, it minimizes swings in windy weather.
Specially designed rail systems enable the movement of easily in the opening and closing directions.

Depending on the characteristics of the glasses insulation used in Pier's Double Glass system can be provided up to in 4.4 times more insulation compared to single glass. So, it offers an area cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Special water drainage system

A drainage channel is opened with special blades in the rail profile. The water that flows into the system is thrown out with the help of drainage holes.