Bora Sliding Glass System

Bora Sliding Glass Systems is the solution brought in particular for the integration of horizontal glass systems with Pergola systems and Bioclimatic.

Bora Glass Systems is a manually controlled glass system with horizontal axis.
Our Bora sliding systems are complementary both in terms of both in design and functionality, specially designed to used in our tent products.

The system is installed on the rails profiles located in upper and lower glass sections, manufactured as a minimum of 2, maximum 4 arms for single lateral movement and minimum 4, maximum 8 arms for two-sided drive system. Locking system on the front wings and the latter gives you maximum security for your system.

Specially designed rail systems enable the movement of easily in the opening and closing directions.

Bora Sliding Glass comes in 3 systems, such as 8-10-18mm

Bora has a suspension wheel with a panel carrying capacity of 120 kg, Rotomarka stainless steel bearings, capable of keeping pace with the track it follows. In addition, the height adjustment can it is easily done. All wings open and close comfortably with minimal friction and sound movement.

Sliding System

Isolation System

Depending on the characteristics of the insulating glass used in Bora's Double Glass system, up to 4.4 times more insulation can be provided compared to Single Glass. Thus, it provides a cooler area in summer and warmer in winter.