Sky Fix Series

SkyFix is a product of the Sky family that is specially designed for use, especially in residential areas with the winter garden concept.

In SkyFix, the ceiling produced with "Double-Glazing" or "Polycarbonate" panels.

It can be created as an extension of your house or in your garden, as an independent structure that stands on its own and does not need to be mounted on a wall or surface ceiling.

In addition, with SkyFix, offers an unlimited number of possibilities of use as veranda, parking area car cover or a projection of the house as storage or space storage.

At the price of its affordable SkyFix, the assembly of the entire structure does not exceed a few hours, SkyFix is a perfect solution for your needs that is also fast and economic.

again, unlike similar ones, SkyFix is the first winter garden concept that can be produced as a "beam ceiling".

ease of heating and cooling offers you with double-glazed technology that you allows you to spend moments of pleasure in a lively area that is e comfortable and ecological