Sky Cloud Series

SkyCloud is the type "bioclimatic" of Sky family tents that has the ability to move in its axis.

Through an engine that is integrated into the system, the aluminum panels that make up the ceiling sheets and allows you to get an open, closed or half ceiling structure open.

The opening angle that loves you to take in the ceiling panels give you the possibility of protection, ventilation and light control, all at the same time.

In the product our SkyCloud, aluminum panels that can rotate on their axis in the middle 0 and 124 degrees will give you unlimited freedom of use.

Whereas SkyCloud can be assembled as a standalone product that stands on its own two feet, it can also be mounted in areas under the ceiling or on wall surfaces.

Gathering the desired number of products side by side in the desired direction, pattern SkyCloud will allow you to fully cover the area you need for it covered.

Sky Cloud details

Easy repair of lighting systems with cards.

If any lamp fails, it is possible to quickly replace a single board. And we are present for our customers with various color options.