Albatro Series

Automatic glass systems with guillotine is a solution that LOCA Albania brings in particular for the integration with automatic motorized awning systems.

Verlass Glass System is motorized and controls the lowering and raising of the glass panels with vertical axis.

Our systems Verilass Guillotine are complementary in design and functionality specially designed for use with LOCA tents.

However, with one flexible and adaptable structure, you can apply glass panels Verlass Albatro safely in any area you need.

The glazing system is installed on the rail profiles located on the side parts of glass produced with 2 or 3 sheets.

Engine case in the upper part of the system opens and closes the system by means of chains and steel gears.

Verlass Systems e sash windows are far ahead of other unique option systems balancing reaching up to "3.5 cm" on sloping floors.

Every chain in the two chain system has a carrying capacity of 1800 kg.

Albatro glasses are 8mm tempered glass


LOCA Albania is a certified partner of the Somfy brand, which is the largest manufacturer of electric motors in the world.

Somfy, which is the most important manufacturer of tubular motors in the world, enables our tents to serve your needs for many years without problems.

Somfy motors and Somfy Remote Controllers come with a 3-year warranty