Juniper Serie

Juniper Auto Tents, getting support from aluminum pillars located at the front of the structure, in the section rear, with the help of steel posts with dimensions 100x100x3mm, 100x150x4mm or 200x200x5mm placed under the steel structure and having the same dimension with the horizontal structure itself, it offers an opportunity to assemble the tent without receiving any support from another structure such as with assembly in wall or ceiling surface.

On the front pillar, aluminum channel profile, i which is placed in a horizontal direction in relation to the tent, collects the water that flows with the use of slope and transfers it out of the structure through its own drainage channel.

Automatic awnings of the Juniper model, have a design elegant and strong that you can use very well in commercial areas and personal.

Considering the availability of the Juniper tent that is mounted on the "wall" as well as on the "ceiling" and with a low level of cost per square meter, Juniper automatic awnings from LOCA Albania are a product of affordable and elegant that will serve your environment for many years.

Cedrus tents can be manufactured and used in the way of a single module or by joining more than one module in the desired direction, it can also be used as a multiplex.

In basically, automatic awnings with Cedrus motor can be produced using the series of "GOLD" and "DIAMOND" profiles. ​

Diamond Profiles
The DIAMOND series profiles have a design capacity reaching up to 12 meters in length, so you can find a perfect solution for your biggest requirements for closing the exterior of your business or home.
Gold Profiles
The GOLD Series meets design measurement requirements for coverage areas up to 8 meters (or less) affordably but without sacrificing quality.

Details of tents

Considering that lighting adds value to the visuality of motorized automatic awnings, LOCA Albania.