Selvi Serie

With rails in the form of a full radius, as in the front as well as the back attached to the pillars, Selvi is a special application given to the shape of a bow.

Selvi has two separate current profiles, as in the section both front and rear that operate independently and water drainage requirements that arise as a result of the arch structure provided equally by each side.

Selvi is an elegant design that you can use in both personal and commercial areas.

Thanks to its independent structural properties, Selvi is a perfect solution to turn all your outdoor areas into elegant enclosed areas.

Since there is no need for additional slopes in each direction, visually, Selvi offers a wide and high usable space.

The structure of the contribution ceiling with a radius of up to the feeling of depth will give you an unparalleled joy.

In Basically, automatic motorized awnings can be produced using the series of "GOLD" and "DIAMOND" profiles.

Diamond Profiles
The DIAMOND series profiles have a design capacity reaching up to 12 meters in length, so you can find a perfect solution for your biggest requirements for closing the exterior of your business or home.
Gold Profiles
The GOLD Series meets design measurement requirements for coverage areas up to 8 meters (or less) affordably but without sacrificing quality.

Details of tents

Considering that lighting adds value to the visuality of motorized automatic awnings, LOCA Albania.